Friday, December 15, 2006

What is The New World Order

I decided to look up New World Order on Wiki and man oh man was I in for a shocker!

From Wiki:

New World Order (Novus Ordo Mundi) refers to a conspiracy theory in which a powerful and secretive group is supposed to have created plans to eventually rule the world via a unitary (as opposed to federal) world government.

Hmmm... I had no idea that our name meant sooo much. Our blog name came right out of the extremely intellectual and overtly politically radical mind of DYY--I just went with it (it actually reminded me of one of my favoriet new wave groups "New Order"). But I had no idea that this name was so confoundedly entangled in crazy ass conspiracy theory about the Illuminati. Damn, DYY let a sister know when you gonna pull some crazy ass Tron shit on her!

This is more of what wiki has to say:

The phrase New World Order has its roots in the Latin phrases Annuit Cœptis, meaning "He has approved our undertakings," and Novus Ordo Seclorum meaning "A New Order of the Ages."
Other names for the New World Order are Illuminati Bankers, High Cabal, Fourth Reich, Synarchist International, the Cryptocracy and the Power elite.

Just in case you were wondering we really are not this CRAZY and we are not down with the Neo-Nazi's nor with LaRouche:

Neo-Nazi groups such as the National Alliance believe the Jews are behind the conspiracy. They assert the establishment of the New World Order is being engineered by Neo-Conservatives to provide support for Israel and they point out that most Neo-Conservative leaders are Jewish and some of them have worked as advisers to the government of Israel. It is claimed that the real reason the Iraq War was fought is that the Zionists thought that Saddam Hussein was a threat to Israel that needed to be removed. They also often asserted that part of the goal of the New World Order is to foster egalitarianism and enforce the integration of inherently unequal races to engender miscegenation and submerge the genetically greater intellects of some races into the genetically lesser intellects of others, in order to breed a one-world race with an intellect far below Jewish averages. It is stated that it is extremely difficult for most people to find out the truth about the conspiracy because, it is asserted, the mass media are overwhelmingly owned or indirectly controlled by the Jews or Zionists or those who support these groups. Many Neo-Nazi groups use their expressed opposition to the New World Order as a recruiting tool. See: [15] [16]
The perennial U.S. presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche claims that the "New World Order" is a conspiracy directed by the House of Windsor (the British royal family), which, he asserts, also controls the international Illegal drug trade. He claims the Fabian Society (which H.G. Wells was a member of) was secretly financed by the Royal Family so that the Windsors could gain control of the eventual world government. LaRouche asserts that as of 2006 the Neo-Conservatives (especially Dick Cheney) are working with the House of Windsor to set up a type of fascism throughout the world which LaRouche calls synarchism and which, he claims, the Neo-Conservatives hope will become the basis of the New World Order [17].

I think we at TNWO believe something like the following:

Some ultra-liberals, left-wing anarchists, socialists and Communists are opposed to the New World Order because they see it as being run by the big capitalist plutocrats. It is claimed that the real purpose of globalization (the economic aspect of the New World Order) is to enable the big capitalists who run the transnational corporations to exploit the workers to the maximum possible extent and thus gain more profits for themselves.

But I also think that this is going to call for a name change cause I ain't down with all this crazy ass conspiracy theory about the Jews dictating everything and the British Royal Family trying to rule the world and that the population of the world is trying to be reduced by 5.5 billion people. Yo, man this is some crazy ass shit. I can't believe people have this much time on their hands and enough drugs that they sit around and talk all this crazy trash-- thinking they are philosophizing and shit. damn! I feel like I have been a part of something unreal without even knowing it. So, DYY we gotta change our name girl. Damn.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Appalachia 3

So, I decided to do my own search on what organizations and support exists in the Appalachia for children who I really do feel need the most help and services. Here is an organization I found that is working in TN They even built a new school!

Also while I was perusing I found a list of children's books about growing up in Appalachia. When I Was Young in the Mountains by Cynthia Rylant. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1985. Illustrated by Diane Goode. 26 un-numbered pages (won the Coldecott Honor) seems like a very good pick and can help to depict to children how not everyone lives either in the suburbs, the city, or on the farm. Also she is from VA and spent some time in W. VA and is from Appalachia. (you "go" girl, represent for the community!) It also is probably a good way of getting into the politics behind coal mines.

Another book by her The Relatives Came by Cynthia Rylant. New York: Bradbury Press, 1985. 32 unnumbered pages,illustrated by Stephen Gammell. It is a story of Virginia folks driving over to West Virginia to visit their kinfolks with pictures of the members of the two families asleep all over the bedroom with toes poking out from under the covers and belly-buttons revealed by ill-fitting pajamas. Hmmm... sounds surprisingly like my own family during any big celebration. Guess it might be another way of getting into the politics of how these Appalachian people really are more like people of color than we realize since nobody talks about them.

The connections between poor whites and ourselves is always alluded to but then quashed by white liberals... One can only wonder why...

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Liars and Cheats

I knew when I heard Wal-Mart was intending to sell organic products, something was fishy. Farmed raised fish-fishy.

In addition to fears that Wal-Mart will hurt US Farmers by using its market strength to beat down suppliers and drive down prices, and that corporatization of organic foods will lower standards, we should especially worry that Wal-Mart is straight-up lying to customers!

Last month, the Cornucopia Institute, an activist group representing small farmers, filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture that accuses Wal-Mart of incorrectly labeling or otherwise misrepresenting various products as organic in some stores. Visiting a dozen stores in four Midwestern states, the group found several troubling misrepresentations. In one case, "all-natural" yogurt was labeled organic; in several stores, non-organic products were residing in an organic-designated cooler. "We live and die by the reputation of the organic label," says Cornucopia cofounder and organic farmer Mark Kastel. "If Wal-Mart cheapens it, we all lose."

The USDA has opened an investigation into the retailer's organic-labeling practices; violations of labeling standards can carry a fine of $10,000 per instance.

corn subsidies

So anyways, back on track with corn... I don't know anything about christian science other than what was covered regarding the birth of tomkat's baby and that everyone and their brother in Hollywood is a christian scientist, anyways, they had a good article on corn subsidies . Here are the juicy tidbits from the article:
• In 2002 we granted a $190 billion farm subsidy!!
• Corn is responsible for a strain of e. coli that is found in cattle!
• Corn fed beef is higher in saturated fat
• Corn requires more fertilizer and pesticides than any other crop
• Your bacon and egg breakfast, glass of milk at lunch, or hamburger for supper were all produced with US corn.
• Besides food for human and livestock consumption, corn is used in paint, paper products, cosmetics, tires, fuel, plastics, textiles, explosives, and wallboard – among other things.
• In the US, corn leads all other crops in value and volume of production – more than double that of any other crop.
• Corn is America's chief crop export, with total bushels exported exceeding total bushels used domestically for food, seed, and industrial purposes.

Makes you think huh?? This is such a huge endemic problem that I don't even know what any of us can do to alleviate all the harm done to us by the corn industry and congress!

Monday, December 4, 2006

Appalachia 2

In DYY's last post she began to grapple with the fundamental problem with liberal white activists, ie. that they are afraid to go to their own communities and so instead want to chill in the big city, live the big city life, in a big city apt. (as far from the big city ghettos that their daddy's dollars can take them) and work for change or become "organizers" for the big city people of color. As usual they take on the central role in everything that has to do with getting more money and media attention into our communities.

Now, we had an anonymous commenter who was a) kind enough to comment, but b) had to correct ms. DYY's English and c) posted a URL for a group doing work in Appalachia. Now, since sooo many white liberals cross my path i thought it only proper to check out the site myself. I expect to see programs helping the poor whites build better houses, get running water going, fighting toxic torts, fighting corporate interests, environmental programs, childcare and education resources etc. But, what do i find?? Immigration march?? Teach in's on race relations?? Civil Rights movement?? nah... come on now. I have seen you all do better than that!

I don't understand why whites don't go to areas predominantly occupied by poor whites to go and help their peeps. So i started thinking more about this and thought maybe it is because there is no money being funded out to organizations that want to better places in this country like Appalachia. I mean, does white America really want you to know how bad their peeps have it, for real? It is so much better for white America to portray that they got it all and it really is all good. I mean, how come that sally struthers ain't showing us pix of kids in Appalachia when she is panhandling us for our money on TV, always showing those babies in Calcutta or El Salvatore and shit.

So to our white brethren: We don't need your help all the time, feel free to take some of your time and your money and your daddy's contacts out to your people who are living in conditions worse than the 3rd world y'all. Really it is all right... Instead of teaching us about hygiene, grammar and shit why not go on out to "the" Appalachia and teach your community, cuz we all know they don't want my ass out there tryin to tell them some kind of shit.
peace, RSP

Sunday, December 3, 2006

What about the Appalachia?

We at the BNWO recently had a heated debate about why good-intentioned, public interest minded, rich white privileged trust fund kids turned liberals choose to do social justice work in the inner city ghetto rather than the Appalachia.

My response was, Where is the Appalachia? Upstate New York? Buffalo?

As you can see, there is much ignorance on the topic, let alone the geographical region. But, thankfully, we have the internet to teach us useful facts about our neighboring brethren states. The Appalachia is the mostly mountainous, often isolated areas from the border of Misssissippi and Alabama in the south to Pennsylvannia and New York in the north. Appalachia also includes parts of the states of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, and Ohio.

I had forgotten all about the Appalachia discussion until I picked up the latest issue of VICE Magazine featuring the Appalachia. Yes, I know... VICE is not quite the reputable source for information regarding the culture and climate of the Appalachian states (as VICE's purpose is to poke fun at our lovely hillbillies), but I knew it would give me context to some of the social problems and ills that exist in these marginalized and depressed areas.

VICE visited Inez, Kentucky and started its introduction like this:

In his State of the Union address in January 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared a "war on poverty." In part, he said, "[We] must pursue poverty... wherever it exists -- in city slums and small towns, in sharecropper shacks or in migrant-worker camps, on Indian reservations, among whites as well as Negroes, among the young as well as the aged, in the boomtowns and in the depressed areas. We will launch a special effort in the chronically distressed areas of the Appalachia."

Fourty-two years later, not a whole fucking lot has changed. An inordinate amount of the workforce is unemployed, and small businesses routinely expire from crib death. Disabled coal miners can't get benefits. Families have been surviving on welfare for four generations. And in 2000, Inez was the site of what the EPA calls the worse environmental disaster in the history of eastern United States, when 350 million gallons of rancid coal slurry flooded local rivers. The prescription-painkiller industry, however, is flourishing.

Word up. So now we know the Appalachia desperately needs help. So why don't these rich white kids go there to provide assistance? Anyone?

If you ask me, I think it's self-hate. These communities are a little too close to home, if you know what I mean...

Saturday, December 2, 2006

The truth about corn

People are slowly beginning to learn and realize that the corn industry is fucked up. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, finding evidence to show the pure evil and the seedy underbelly of the corn industry is difficult. Currently, there are no books published on the subject and few links exist in the world wide web. We at the BNWO find it frightening that so little information exist of an industry that controls the most largest producing crop in our country.

Below are some facts about the once innocuous subject of corn. Readers, you will have to draw your own conclusions, but believe me, we will come to the same haunting place.

(1) Corn is in virtually everything we consume. It has become part of every meal, every day, in mass quantities, from children to senior citizens to cows.
  • Corn starch is used in every bread or pastry.
  • Corn starch, syrup and cellulose are used in every medicine you can put in your mouth.
  • If there is sugar, there is corn syrup. That means in soda, in cookies, in candy bars, even in BAGS OF SUGAR, including sugar-free sweeteners.
  • Corn syrup, starch and/or oil is added to french fries, peanut butter, saltines, steak sauce, table salt, margarine, iced tea, fruit juice (even ones that claim to be 100% juice), "raw" honey, fish sticks, soy milk, wine, beer, liquor, chicken nuggets, flour, barley, caramel, Vitamin C, vanilla extract, vinegar and/or yeast.
  • Corn-derived glycerin is found in almost every soap, lotion, toothpaste and shampoo.
  • Anything on the label you can't pronounce is better than even odds to be corn.
(2) Almost every chicken, pig and cow in the United States is force-fed corn. Even salmon! These animals can't properly digest a diet of all corn (not to mention the massive amounts of pesticides used to keep the corn bug free). So the livestock gets sick. That sickness is treated by antibiotics and hormones which then bleed into virtually every piece of meat or cup of milk served in America, making the people who consume them sick.

(3) Since corn is in everything, you would think corn is a lucractive business... and it is. Yet, the U.S. corn industry (easily the world leader) gets $5.5 BILLION in federal subsidies, an ample amount of which is kicked back to politicians in the form of campaign contributions, thus perpetuating a system in which the national interest is heavily invested in creating more and more and MORE avenues through which to feed corn to an unsuspecting public.

(4) With the government obviously in collusion with the corn industry, it is no coincidence that the government's food pyramid correlates to obesity and other related illnesses... perhaps because the government advised us to consume 6-11 servings of carbohydrates in one day!!
Can you imagine how much corn the USDA has suggested for us to eat as part of our daily dietary regimen? Thank god we just learned (in 2002, after three decades of Americans following this pyramid) it's a hoax, I mean, mistake. However, this discovery is not stopping the corn industry or it's bed buddies, who spend millions of dollars marketing sugar (aka corn syrup) to children.

The Bush administration Health and Human Services director Tommy Thompson, an overweight man purportedly in charge of keeping the nation healthy, told ABC News in 2003 that the gigantic corn subsidies don't affect nutrition for Americans.

CORNy, huh?

Friday, December 1, 2006

World AIDS Day

Well since the Constant Gardener has come out this past year, which I may add is just a visually stunning film, we will not go into an investigation into the horrors behind the seedy underbelly of the AIDS pharmaceutical industrial complex. But had this been the 80's you would have found that expose here when no one had even thought that the drug industry was so overpowering as to keep people sick and dying rather than lose out on the greed.

Also stay tuned in for DYY who is currently getting those kinks outta her vegetable oil powered mercedes (you all know how those LA Girls are!) to be posting soon.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Getting to Know You

Hello All this is the official RSP blog where you will learn all about the seedy underbelly of the beast known as the New World Order. This blog is better than Smoking Gun or Rotten Tomato because we handle the story behind the story of corporate interests that are absolutely off of anyone's radars. RSP is blogged by RS as the East Coast correspondent and DYY as the West Coast correspondent. We will begin our expose first by exploring the seedy underbelly of the American corn farmers.

Let us begin by reading some articles to give us the requisite background.